Oven Baked Buffalo Chicken

I am loving buffalo sauce anything lately. I’ve already shared my new-found love for buffalo sauce in this awesome Buffalo Turkey Burger recipe, but it doesn’t hurt to share again. It’s great for cooking with or adding to salads as dressing. Lately, it’s been my go-to for my weekly chicken meal prep, rather than plain,… Read More Oven Baked Buffalo Chicken


Fit-Friendly Summer Drinks

There’s something about drinking a¬†sweet iced cold drink in summer that is so satisfying. On cooler summer mornings I like bringing my laptop outside and enjoy a beverage in the backyard. Minnesota summers can get brutal fast though with high humidity and 90 degree days. On those days, I like having one of these drinks… Read More Fit-Friendly Summer Drinks


Under Construction

I had an unfortunate run in this past week and I’m making some major updates to my site at the moment. So if you see a few missing images here and there, don’t worry – I’m working to update them as soon as possible. I’ll be coming back soon with new and exciting content for… Read More Under Construction